Ahmanson Theater

For over 40 years the Ahmanson Theatre has presented a wide variety of dramas, musicals, comedies and classic revivals and has played host to a veritable who’s who in the entertainment world from Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Rex Harrison, to James Earl Jones, Lynn Redgrave and Cherry Jones.  It was a BIG deal to be able to perform there, and we were thrilled to even be considered.

When we discovered we had made it, naturally we wanted to do the best we possibly could, so rehearsal sessions increased and lengthened once again.

We got one practice AT the theater and Mr. Henderson made extensive notes during that rehearsal, which were typed up, mimeographed, and given to each of us.

Unfortunately, neither Carol Burnett, nor Carol Channing turned out to be the stars.  The big names of the show were Don DeFore , Janis Paige, and Ralph Bellamy

Also performing in the show was handsome young actor Frank Webb, who went on to appear in our next major concert It’s Today, Part II (along with some other names you might recognize….)

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