It’s Today Part II

It’s Today Part II was another big concert at the Oxnard Auditorium.   Members of the TG had changed a bit, due to several of the original group going off to college or into the service.  Information about the upcoming show appeared in the newspaper, as did a features on the current members of the group – Bob Johnson, Carla Balsbaugh, Cindy Griffin, Dan Tullis, Davis Dalbok, Dawn Smith, Dorothy Whitaker, Gordon Goodman, Greg Johnson, Jay Kauka, Kurt Kohler, Lane Jochums, Linda Graves, Margaret Wilson, Mark Fazio, Ralph Beck, Rhonda Larsen, Trudy Love, and Valerie Larsen.  Also appearing in this slide show is the program from the show, and newspaper reviews. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the bit of trivia that I get such a kick out of:  The act that got third billing on the program, after the Today Generation and after Frank Webb, was a comedy team made up of Barry Levinson and Craig Nelson – former TV writers.  Do their names ring a bell?  Yes, it’s THAT Barry Levinson and THAT Craig Nelson.  (I’m guessing that this gig is not included on their resumes….)

2 Responses to It’s Today Part II

  1. malisa lawhead stewart says:

    Thanks for sharing! It’s a wonderful website!

  2. Kathy Meck Carson says:

    Thank you, Trudy. This all brought back so many memories of all of you. I remember that I was too shy to try out for TG, but helped out behind the scenes and with the Spaghetti Dinner and I was in West Side Story. I saved a lot of memorabilia from my years at Camarillo High and if I find anything to add, I will let you know.

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